Michelle Kusanovich, Architect, AIA

a design firm where quality, care and success are always in construction

We love them and invite them to sit at our design table to be part of the conversation.  If they are young, they can play quietly with books and toys we have here in the office during meetings.  I do expect them to be respectful of the property here and of our time. You are responsible for your child.  I expect them to be well-behaved and disciplined enough to be here. Our meetings may last 1-2 hours. Please let me know the limit of your child and I will tailor the meeting time to work with your family.  Children should not be wandering around at any time. They should not be here if they are sick. If this is the case please keep them home and ask to reschedule the meeting. If any furniture should be defaced or damaged by your child, you as the parent assumes responsibility for the replacement, delivery and break-down costs of the original piece.  Only you know your children, so you can make the best choice for them.