Michelle Kusanovich, Architect, AIA

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Whole House and Site Remodel, Style change and Addition

Thanks to Michelle, we couldn't be more thrilled with our gorgeous modern farmhouse. When we first started the project we literally handed her a binder full of photos of design elements we loved. During the design process, she was able to strike the perfect balance of listening to our requests while making suggestions that would not only enhance the beauty of our home but also comply with strict city design and code requirements and keep us within budget. Ultimately Michelle created a beautiful and functional design that far surpassed our expectations. After the design was finalized, she guided us through permitting and contractor selection. Throughout the duration of construction, she partnered with our contractor and provided us with responsive support and valuable vendor recommendations. Working with Michelle was a pleasure and I can't imagine undertaking a whole house remodel without her sense of humor, patience, excellent communication skills, and outstanding design expertise. 



Whole House Remodel, Addition, Kitchen, Master Suite

Summary: Professional, creative, and talented.

We purchased a home last year for a good price, but it clearly needed updating: the kitchen was tiny and dilapidated, the rest of the house was not a great layout, and it lacked a master bath. We knew we would have to fix it up when we bought it, so shortly afterward we began to look for an architect to help us design the remodel. We wanted to add a master suite, and update the kitchen.

We wanted an AIA-certified licensed architect because we didn't have confidence that a developer alone would be able to produce the design changes that would fix the layout.

We selected Michelle because of her past work and recommendations: she didn't seem to limit herself to projects that were catering only to those with huge budgets, and we liked the style that we saw in her past work.

What an excellent decision: She worked out well in many different ways.

  • She had an excellent sense of the space and the design that she eventually presented took into account what was already there, while not adding on too much in the way of square footage

  • She knew the permitting process very well, and was able to modify our design to get us an "over the counter" permit that took only a few weeks to get instead of waiting months for a more comprehensive permit.

  • She recommended a builder that she had worked with extensively in the past, which, for various reasons (not having to do with quality), we decided not to use. She was fine with that, and welcomed working with our chosen builder. There were no issues, and she worked well with him and his crew.

  • We were gone for a month in the middle of the project, and she was on site regularly to monitor progress and head off issues before they occurred.

  • She thought of solutions to our layout problem that we had never considered, and we ended up moving the kitchen to the back of the house (using an existing space). It was the best suggestion of all, and we LOVE our new kitchen and layout.

In short, she was professional throughout, easy to work with, and came up with great ideas for our remodel that we really enjoy. Hire her if you get the chance.



Airplane Hangar Planning

It was almost surreal to see how accurate your drawing was! Looks like everything will fit with no problem at all.

Thanks again for spending the time to do this so competently with me!